Message from the President

In the 21 century ten years went by, we’ve been face to face with two big changes. It is globalization of the world economy that computerization of life and the economy by the dramatic spread of information terminal and Internet and “a person, a thing, money” are tied to across a country. These two changes are not even an exaggeration to say that now the foundation of economic activity affecting every corner of life. If you say we change is not an era corresponding to the flow, I think the fact that I live in an era in which it is assumed this flow.

Now, or we should aim to do in this new era?

I think that I can try to go back to the origin of our founding “live Creativity”.It is planned to be required by the society,it attempts to commercialize “Creativity” and “Dynamism” as a group of people that are mutually leveraging ties people in the vessel that company.

Our ancestors to the autumn foliage shop and origin we have opened up the turbulent era of the Edo period, the Meiji Restoration in the “creativity and dynamism.”

Information and globalization has become an environmental foundation to promote the oligopoly by the scale in all of industry. We need to go launched a further originality. The “measurement technology” which has been polished in the inspection of semiconductor,LCD and “communication technology” which are based on data transmission that has been cultivated for many years and has been a core technology. In addition to the existing field and we will challenge even to new areas such as energy, medical care and food in the future growth is expected. Mainly the “creativity and dynamism”, we will continue to boldly challenge toward “reform” to go create your own property. We look forward to continued patronage and guidance.

President & CEO

Tomita Hideyuki


Challenge For Innovation

  1. We will seek a global niche top
  2. It is extremely “craftsmanship” in manufacturing and construction maintenance
  3. Anticipating the needs of the times, you can devote to customer contact and local contact